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In the ceremonial atmosphere at the Old Palace - City Hall Belgrade, in the presence of a large number of domestic and foreign guests, many Serbian state institutions, important companies and educational institutions, and guests from Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Belgium have presented their achievements.

Andrej Mladenovic

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Andreja Mladenović, member of a Provisional Council of Belgrade after which Mr. Dukic, president of JISA, handed special awards to the Ministry of Interior Serbia for contribution to the development of e-government, and to Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications, Montenegro and Ministry of Education, Montenegro for impressive results of the implementation of computer skill certification programme ECDL in the Government of Montenegro, donated by the European Delegation in Podgorica. Special recognition, ECDL Grand prix for 2013 was handed to the Mayor of Municipality Karpoš-Skopje, Mr. Stevco Jakimovski for the biggest project – ECDL trainings and certification in Public Administrationof FYROM Macedonia. “This is clearly confirmation of the way of adjustment to European standards in our region” stressed in welcome speech President of JISA, Djordje Dukić, and added: “JISA – Union of ICT Societies jury have been formed in cooperation with Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), European Economic Chamber of Trade (EEIG), Commerce and Industry, regional chambers of trade, informatics societies and numbers of national experts. They had reviewed more than one hundred achievements in order to determine this year’s nominee and winners. In this manner Diskobolos award for 19 years performs the function of exchange of ICT experiences in the region, encourages and popularize the highest quality practice in different fields on implementation of information and telecommunication technologies”.

Dukic Djordje
Ministry of Interior, Republic of Serbia
mr Predrag Djikanović
Ministry of Information and Telecomunication, Montenegro
mr Radule Novović
Municipality Karpoš-Skopje
Mr. Stevco Jakimovski

Ministry of Education, Montenegro
Marina Matijević
Nebojsa Vasiljević Deputy Minister of Trade and Communications is preparing to begin handing out prizes

Prof. dr Kerim Aliriza, Chair of Management Board of the European Chamber of Commerce and a member of this year's jury JISA has opened, Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic, assistant to Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Sebia have continued and Mr. Djordje Dukić, President of JISA (Union of ICT Societies, Serbia) have finished the award ceremony. Winners of this year’s awards are:


DISKOBOLOS 2013 Principal Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

1. Production and Projectign one Winner and three Honorable Mentions


Telegroup TeleGroup – Project of digitalization of the Pošta NET main station - Authors: Pošta NET team and Aleksandar Stojanović, TeleGroup
Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce Mr. Kerim Aliriza presented the first award for Telegroup
2B COMING - Computer Engineering - Project of Virtualization and Cloud Computing - Authors: COMING team
University Singidunum Singidunum University - Appendix for network connection for CrypTool2 simulation environment - Authors: Sasa Adamovic, Marko Sarac, Mladen Veinovic, Milan Milosavljevic and Aleksandar Jevremovic 
Filipovic Academy Filipović Academy – eLibrary - Author: Branislav Filipovic 
  Mtela.d.Banja Luka – Conductivity measurements as a factor in determining strategies of battery replacement –Author: Milan Paripović
2. Management one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
The Adminitration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies Serbia The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies, Serbia - @GovHostMail System - Authors: The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies & Atos IT Solutions and Services


Secretariat of the Judicial Council of Montenegro Secretariat of the Judicial Council of Montenegro - Judiciary Information System (PRIS) - Author: Team of authors 
Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia - Document management system quality and information security - Authors: Republic Pension Fund IT team
  Solarius – AgroGIS - Author: Darko Šolar 
  TO-NET d.o.o. – INIS - Infrastructure Information System - Authors: Miloš Tolić, Stevan Filipović, dr Radovan Cvetković, dr Mirko Raković, Miloš Davidović
  HB-system - HB-router - Authors: HB system and Bijelić Vukašin

3. Public Services two Winner and one Honorable Mention

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia - Mobile informationsystem, Author: Ministry of Interior



Republic of Serbia’s Tax Administration Republic of Serbia’s Tax Administration - Implementation of EMC Documentum - Authors: Milovanović Aleksandar, Rakić Ivana, Nikolić Miloš 
Musala Soft Musala Soft JSC - Automated Information System „Traffic Police“ Bulgaria - Author: Musala Soft JSC 
  The Serbian Commission for the Protection of Equality - Information system for Document management - Authors: The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies & Commission for the Protection of Equality
  Solidarity Fund - Automatic management of the process of administrative proceedings - Author: JablanObradović 
  The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies, Serbia– hPanel Software System - Authors: The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies &PulsarPoint
4. Finances one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Energodata Energoprojekt Energodata - Tax+ - System to manage tax declarations – Authors: Zorica Crveni Odalović, Snežana Dabović, Igor Petrović


PCCOM Belgrade PCCOM Beograd - Integrated information systems Centers' for social work of the Republic of Serbia – INTEGRAL – Authors: VladeCepic and Sasa Mladenović 
Mellon Serbia Mellon Serbia - NFC Mobile payment - Author: Stefanos Karapetsis 
  I2R d.o.o. - Bank+ - Author: Zvezdan Žarić 
  Elite Solution doo  - BUTOBU - BUSINESS TO BUSINESS - Author: Goran Blazevic 
5. Health Care One Winner and one Honorable Mentions
Lanaco Information Technologies

Lanaco Information Technologies – Business Information System of the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of SrpskaAuthors: Lanaco Information Technologies, Banja Luka


6aaa School of Electrical Engineering "Nikola Tesla" - GELP -  Application that enable people with the inability to express themselves verbally to establish the communication with the immediate environment - Authors: Slaviša Blešić, Nikola Zdraveski, Bogdan Todić, Ivan Cumpf (students), Jasna Ristić (teacher mentor)
  Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina - Sentinel monitoring - web service - Author: Dušan Krstić
  Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices - Information System Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro - system CALIMS - Authors: Branimir Bukilić, Željka Bešović, Majda Šahman-Zaimović from CALIMS and Nataša Banović, Vesna Vuksanović from MGSOFT-a 
  UCB, Belgija - Time to ‘Amplify’ role of IT in healthAuthor: Marc Senterre 
6. Education one Winner and two Honorable Mentions
Metropolitan Metropolitan University in Belgrade - A modern system of study over the internet - Author: Dragan Domazet 


Universidad de Alcala and University Galileo, Espana – ESVIAL project - Authors: Jose Ramon Hilera and Rocael Hernandez
VIPOS VIPOS Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies - Application of modern information technology in the teaching organization –Authors: Ilja Stanisevic, Andrija Tosic, Djordje Petrovic, Valentina Pavlovic, Dejan Beljic, Branko Cebic 
  Elementary school “Ljupče Nikolić” – Implementation of computer in education - Author: Toplica Petrović
  Educational center FB SOFT+ - Electronic registry - Authors: AleksandarCvetanovići FB Soft team 
  Filipović Academy – Electronic registry – Authors: VesnaNikolić, Branislav Filipović 
  Elementary school “Filip Filipović” – Innovative classes of Serbian language - Authors: Milica Stanojčić, professor and Milica Prokić, professor
7. Services one Winner and two Honorable Mention
Air Serbia Air SERBIA GROUND SERVICES (SU-PORT ltd.) - Calculation and operational monitoring service for airline ticket sale (LIRA) - Author: Nevena Simić
Ipsylon Ipsylon – Business Web Software Acord Basic Authors: Adrian Jakšić, Slobodan Sumina, Igor Dedić, Željko Bajšanski 
bandula Bandula Bilgisayar Egitim Yayincilik LTD, Turkey - Koza Interactive and Enhanced eBook English - Author: Koza Yayin
  Ti Computers Solutions - Service for analyzing basketball teams and players „Perfect Scout“ - Authors: Saša Nikitović, Vladimir Nikitović 
  Zovi me - WiFi Mesh Network for PTT Serbia - Author: Zoran Marković 
8. Web Achievementsone Winner and one Honorable Mention
Talentmarket d.o.o.  Talentmarket d.o.o. – www.lakodoposla.com - Author: Talentmarket




Open Society for the exchange of ideas Open Society for the exchange of ideas – www.odrazi-se.org - Authors: Sanja Kolarić, Dario Ilija Rendulić 
  eVision - Web portal - www.ksb.rs – Basketball Federation of Belgrade - Authors: Borko Lepojević, Srećko Jovanović, Miroslav Obradović 
  Medija-Networks DOO – www.srednje-skole.com - Author: Ljubiša Pavlović 
  Welcome to www.vdab.be - Author: VDAB team


Special Awards
(Winners highlighted in red, Honorable Mentions in blue)

Professional conferences

Infofest - Budva


YuInfo YuInfo - Kopaonik
  Tectus - Zagreb
  Telfor - Belgrade
  Datum - Belgrade
  E-Razvoj - Belgrade
Radio i TV Shows
Radio-televizija Srbije RTS - Radio-televizija Srbije - "What technology did to us" - Author: Olivera Kosić, Belgrade


Live TV Live-TV - Internet TV, Author: Radomir Lale Markovic, Belgrade


Računajte na računare, radio show RTS - Računajte na računare, radio show „The other side of a computers “ – Authors: Predrag Jovanović and Vladan Nenadić, Belgrade
  Studio Vertigo production – TV show "Energy in wisely way" - Author: Vladimir Jovanović, Anka Sekanić, Novi Sad
  Radio show Računalo, team of authors, Zagreb / Varazdin
  RTL Hotspot - TV Magazine, Author: Antonio Zavada, Croatia
  RTS - Radio show „Digital icons“, Author: Tamara Vučenović, Belgrade
Global Consulting & Marketing

Global Consulting & Marketing - eTaxes – Tax information system - Author: Dr Dejan Vidojević, Belgrade


EBC EBC TEST CENTAR – Set of books “Computer Driving Licence” - Author: Vladan Stevanović, Belgrade
SOHO GRAPH SOHO GRAPH – 24 computer manuals “Learn how to use it” - Author: Mirsad Imamović, Belgrade
  PC Press - Magazine for Computing and Informatics, Belgrade
  ComSis - Magazine "Computer Science and Information Systems", Novi Sad
  Business & IT, International Magasine, Weka Media Publishing GmbH, Munich
Global Partners


DISKOBOLOS 2013 - Jury

- Jorg Ruegg - CEPIS President Elect, as a President of Diskobolos Jury
- Prof. Dr. Heinz Vejpustek
- President of European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Prof. Dr. Kerim Aliriza - Speaker of the Board of Directors and Chief Coordinating Officer
- Djordje Dukic - Vice-president, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies 
- dr. Luis Fernandez-Sanz, ATI - Spanish IT Professionals Society
- Giulio Occhini - Board of Directors, European Computer Driving Licence Fondation
- Niko Schlamberger - President, Slovenian Society Informatics
- Prof. Dr. Vasile Baltac - President, Romanian Society Informatics
- R. Erdem Erkul – Representative of Cepis and Member of Executive Board of Informatics Association of Turkey
- Dirk Deschoolmeester - President, Federation of Belgian Informatics Associations
- Fulop Henrik - President European Economic Chamber EEIG for Hungary
- mr Radoslav Yoshinov - President of the European Economic Chamber EEIG for Bulgaria
- Prof. Dr. Gerald Futschek - OCG - Austrian Computer Society
- Panicos Masouras - Manager, ECDL Cyprus
- Marijan Frkovic - President, Croatian Information Technology Society
- Mensura Beganovic - President, Association of Informatics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Jelena Jovanovic - Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Associtation of ICT, Association secretary
- Dusan Rakic - Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Associtation of ICT, Association secretary
- Stevan Ljumovic - President of IT Association Montenegro
- mr Radule Novovic - Assistant Minister for Information Society of Montenegro
- mr Vojkan Nikolic - Interior Ministry Chief of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Dragan Domazet - Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade
- Milomir Gligorijevic - European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry Serbia
- Slobodan Karanovic - Ministry of finance, Serbia
- Dragan Nikolic - Electric Power Industry of Serbia
- Zikica Milinkovic - Ministry of Defense of Serbia
- Slobodan Krstic - eDevelopment association, Belgrade
- mr Dragan Marinkovic - Information Technology coordinator
- mr Cedomir Milenkovic - Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Edita Kastratovic - Dean of Faculty of Management in Sport, Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Stevica Graovac - University of Electrical Engineering Belgrade
- Prof. Dr. Svetozar Pervulov - KBC Zvezdara, Belgrade
- Miroslav Petrovic - President of the Board of Directors Association ARHIV INFO, Belgrade

Diskobolos 2013 PHOTO ALBUM

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